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Dr. Rifat Azam

Hello all and welcome to my website. I am an Associate Professor of Law at Harry Radzyner School of Law, IDC Herzliya. I research and teach in the field of tax law and international taxation of the digital economy. I visited and taught at Columbia Law and Wash U. Law schools. I served as legal assistant to the Chief Justice and Justices of the Supreme Court of Israel. I consult and represent leading firms in their tax structures, issues, mergers & aquisitions.  


I published with leading publishers and law journals on taxation of the digital economy to cover issues of international corporate taxation, value added taxation and sales taxation. 



"But then every so often I heard an Arab name, like Nuha Hijazi or Rifat Azam or Taleb Mokari. Since the program listed everyone’s degrees and advisers, I looked them up. Rifat got his doctorate in law. His thesis was about “International Taxation of Electronic Commerce.” His adviser was “Prof. D. Gliksberg.”

Thomas Friedman, a Boycott Built on Bias 2007